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Curriculum Vitae

I regard myself as an intuitive actor.

It’s all about playing the moment, to sense and feel the impulses and react truthfully to the emotional impact you get from your fellow player, as well as what you feel within yourself.

I wish to be fully in the now, and to create real situations. To be present, completely.

Nobody knows, what´s going to happen next! I always try to take responsibility for my character.

To dare to be fearless and true to the (dramatic) situation. When I succeed, it is liberating for me to be someone else.

I am a mother of three, with a wide range of experience in acting. I was born and raised in Hals, a small town in North Jutland. A childhood that has given me an inner strength, and insight into contrasting combinations of human lives. I use this consciously in my work on different parts, it is a tone I always carry with me.

My professional basis is the theatre, I was a company member at Aarhus Theatre for the first five years of my working life. Here, I learned that collaboration and versatility are the founding elements of being an actor who listens, and is a good friend. I wish to bring this into every relationship in which I dedicate myself, whether it is on stage, in front of the camera or doing communication training for corporations.


Education: The Drama School at Aarhus Theatre

Height: 178 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Shoe size: 40
Clothes size: S / M
Year of birth: 1969
Playing age: 40 - 50 years
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Grey / blue / green

Native language: Dansk
Fluent languages: English
Other languages: French, Norwegian, Swedish, German
Singing voice: Mezzo
Danish dialects: Aalborg, Aarhus, Jutlandish, Northern Jutlandish


I trained at the Drama School at Aarhus Theatre, and became a member of the theatre’s core company of actors after graduation. Now, I am based in Copenhagen, where I do a wide range of work in films, tv and theatre.


Drama school at Aarhus Theatre: 1991 - 1995
Core company at Aarhus Theatre: 1995 - 2000
Freelance actor in Copenhagen: 2000 - now

Film and television

  • Bedrag, DR-fiction, director Søren Balle (doctor)
  • Tomgang, TV2-Zulu, director Rasmus Heide (Hair doctor)
  • The Bridge II, tv-series, director Henrik Georgsson (Caroline)
  • Hvidstengroup, film ,Regner Grastenfilm, director Anne-Grethe Bjarup Riis (Erna Larsen)
  • The Killing 2, Tv-series, episodes 4 and 5, director Fabian Wullenweber ( Thomsen)
  • The Eagle, tv-series, episodes 4, 5 and 8, director Jannik Johansen (Dorte Olsen)
  • Clown, tv-series, episode 47, director Mikkel Nørgård (Pernille)
  • The Idiots, film Zentropa, director Lars von Trier (Britta)
  • Island of the lost souls, film Zentropa, director Nicolaj Arcel (Magenta)
  • MollyCam, Fourhandsfilm, director Aage Rais (wife)
  • The Hotel, tv-series, director Carsten Myllerup (Anja)


  • The arabic night at Husets Theater, director Inger Eilersen (Fatima)
  • Don Juan at The Royal Danish Theatre, director Klaus Hoffmeyer (Donna Elvira)
  • Who is afraid of Virginia Wolff? at Aarhus Theater, director Patrick Mason, duplication and playing the part for 3 weeks (Honey)
  • The woman & the Ape, at the Team-theatre, director Ebbe Knudsen (Bowen)
  • The blind painter, at Aarhus Theater, director Inger Eilersen (Helga)

Full CV

LystspilScene42/gæstespil Sorte Hest
Kirsten Walther
Per Frohn
2019 Theatre
DR Fiction Doctor Søren Balle 2018 TV
Ikke uden min mor
Mother and daughter Sandra Yi Sencindiver
2018 Theatre
RamtInvictus Film Anne Rasmus Doolengs 2017 Kortfilm
Dicte III
TV2 / Miso Film
Sanne Carsten Myllerup 2016 TV
Tomgang TV2-Zulu Hair doctor Rasmus Heide 2014 Film
The Bridge II Nimbus/Filmlance DR1, Danish National Caroline Henrik Georgsson, Katrine Windfeld 2013 Film
Mother and child The danish national School of performing arts Mother Nicolei Faber 2012 Theatre
Hvidsten gruppen Regner Grasten Film Erna Anne Grethe Bjarup-Riis 2011 Film
The Clooney Brothers En rød nat i den brune kødby Husets Theatre Franz Jacob The Clooney Brothers 2009 Theatre
The Killing 2 DR1, Danish National Thomsen Fabian Wullenweber, Kristoffer Nyholm 2009 TV
My mother is a butterfly Anemone theatre Julie m.fl. Lisbeth Lipschitz 2008/09 Theatre
Kvinden og Aben Team Theatre Bowen Ebbe Knudsen 2008 TV
Klovn TV2-Zulu Pernille Mikkel Nørgård 2008 TV
MollyCam Angel Film Wife of the policeman Aage Rais Nordentoft 2008 Film
The island of lost souls Zentropa Magenta Nicolaj Arcel 2007 Film
The father The danish national School of performing arts Laura Leiv Arne Kjøllmoen 2006 Teater
They stood up and died FÅR302 Theatre Anna Dea Fog 2005 Teater
Emil from Lønneberg Summerplay Tyttebær Maja Jan Linnebjerg 2005 Teater
The Arabic night Husets Theater Fatima Inger Eilersen 2004 Teater
The Eagle DR1, Danish National Dorte Olsen Jannik Johansen 2004 TV-series
Don Juan The Royal Danish Theatre Donna Elvira Klaus Hoffmeyer 2003 Teater
Who is afraid of Virginia Wolff? Aarhus Theatre (duplication) Honey Patrick Mason 2003 Teater
Unit One DR1, Danish National Caretaker Ole Christian Madsen 2003 TV
Laboratorieprojekt Humor på STS The danish national School of performing arts humorist Per Smedegård 2002 Teater
Alle har vi været små Radiodrama Kvinden Daniel Wedel 2002 Teater
De sidste tankers skydække Radiodrama Kvinden Malene Kirkegard Nielsen 2001 Teater
Girls, girls, girls Artibus Carina Kim Nørrevig 2000 Teater
Nøddebo Præstegaard Folketheatre Andrea Margrethe Kim Harris 2000 Teater
Den Blinde Maler Aarhus Theatre Helga Inger Eilersen 2000 Teater
100 Års Ensomhed, Aarhus Theatre Rebecca Hans Rosenquist 2000 Teater
The Hotel TV2,Danish National Anja Pia Bovin, Carsten Myllerup 2000 TV
Carmen Negra Aarhus Theatre Frasquita Stewart Trotter 1999 Teater
Ulysses Von Itachia Arhus Theatre Iris m.fl. Asger Bonfils 1999 Teater
Cheek to Cheek, Aarhus Teatre Eva, Gitte Ina-Miriam Rosenbaum 1999 Teater
En Tjener-To Herrer, Arhus Theatre Clarice Asger Bonfils 1999 Teater
The Idiots Zentropa Britta Lars Von Trier 1998 Film
Folk og Røvere i Kardemommeby Aarhus Theatre Fru Bastian Anders Baggesen 1997 Teater
Den Politiske Kandestøber Aarhus Theatre Engelke Asger Bonfils 1997 Teater
Privatliv i Provinsen Aarhus Theatre Eileen Piv Bernth 1996 Teater
Døde Komikeres Klub Aarhus Theatre Lisa Piv Bernth 1996 Teater
Klinikken Aarhus Theatre Sofia Eyun Johannesen 1996 Teater
Rocky Horror Show Aarhus Theatre Janet Lars Junggreen 1995/96 Teater
Loppen i øret Aarhus Theatre Eugenie Hans Rosenquist 1995 Teater
Lipstick Killer Aarhus Theatre Snowwhite Claus Poulsen 1995 Teater
Ingenmandsland Aarhus Theatre Ella Ditte Marie Bjerg 1995 Teater